On the way up Table Mountain at sunrise, I could see some interesting color on the right. But without a good view or scene to capture, I kept on going. Then I passed by Schirmer Cascade, and I could see the amazing sky above the falls. Ok, now I have to photograph this! So I stopped the car in the middle of the road (since there was no turnout), got out, grabbed my camera and tripod, set up in the middle of the road and took a couple photos. I got the photo just in time. The fog rolled in, covering up the waterfall. No other cars came by during this time. Who would be out so early anyway?

You can see a second unnamed cascade on the far right. I thought that Schirmer Cascade flow seemed a bit on the low side, but I guess it was pretty good overall, though I have seen it bigger. All other falls on Table Mountain were flowing quite strong. It was a good waterfall day.

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