As of May 1, we are at 204% of average rainfall for Northern CA, 191% for Central Sierra, and 171% for Southern Sierra. April was quite stormy and we officially passed the wettest year on record for Northern CA. As for the snowpack, we are at 198% of average for North, 201% for Central, and 178% for South. Because April was so stormy, the snow has not really started melting much yet – though it is definitely starting now with the hot weather this week. Normally the peak snowmelt is at the beginning to mid April, that will not be the case this year. I love it that waterfall season is going to be lasting all summer long this year! So what do you make of this winter?

To me, it is very clear that the abundant rainfall this year is entirely God’s doing, a blessing and an answer to all our prayers. I believe prayer works, and I know many many people were praying during the drought. Let’s think about this: NOT ONE SINGLE weather forecaster predicted the huge amount of rainfall this year. In fact, I am certain that every single one predicted we would have a BELOW AVERAGE year (not to even mention 200% of average). With a weak La Nina, that forecast would make sense. Not! My wife will say that just proves they are always wrong! Consider last year when we had a very strong El Nino: almost every single forecaster (not all, but certainly most) predicted we would have well above average rainfall that year. What happened? We only had an AVERAGE winter. Again, they were almost all wrong that year as well. I was pleased we had a decent year after four years of drought, but indeed, I admit it was a bit disappointing because of all the hype surrounding the strong El Nino. In reality, though, God had bigger plans. He gave us that strong El Nino and a decent winter because we were in desperate need of it due to the drought, then provided us the kicker and drought-buster this year in an unlikely weak La Nina year. That is so like God.

Another thing I found interesting this past year: It seems to me that no one (in California) is talking about global warming this year, not really too much. They are all pretty quiet. Am I the only one that has noticed this? When we were in the midst of the drought, scientists were saying constantly that this is the “new normal”, that we would essentially be in “perpetual drought”, with maybe the odd good year thrown in, but basically get used to having no water in the future forever and ever, with continuing awful forest fires, and all because of global warming / climate change. I know this is true because I distinctly remember thinking to myself that I do not believe that nonsense – I refuse to believe it – the rain will return to California. And it did! Where are those people now? The drought is officially over. Perhaps we will have another drought soon. Perhaps not. There will certainly be another drought eventually – that is just the way it is (but hopefully, not too soon). If and when we do have another one in the future, it will also end. God is the one in control, and we need to trust in Him, not in scientists or others. Perhaps you do not believe what I am saying here. That is fine, everyone has their own opinions, but at least please consider that what I am saying is truth. (btw, I did not say that I do not believe in global warming / climate change).

Anyhow, enough of all that. I’m sure you want to get back to the waterfalls. This photo is from my backpacking trip last May to Rancheria Falls in Yosemite. I got there close to peak snow melt last year, and it was an amazing sight and a spectacular waterfall. This year I am excited to do more backpacking, especially after the big debacle a couple weeks ago, and I told my wife I still need to go on my spring backpacking trip, so that will be soon, in the next few weeks. Where should I go? Yosemite? Or somewhere else? Stay tuned …

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