The main reason I made the big descent down the mountain was not to see New York Canyon Falls. Does this surprise you? New York Canyon Falls was really just a bonus waterfall to see on this hike. Well, that might be exaggerating things a little bit. Of course I desired to see New York Canyon Falls at peak flow.

However, I really really wanted to see the lower falls on West New York Canyon Creek. This is the one and last waterfall in the New York Canyon area that I had not seen yet. You cannot get to this waterfall from above, i.e. from Chert Knoll. My brother- in-law and I glimpsed it on our trip to New York Canyon Falls. However, we were high on the other side of the creek, and could not get down to see it. For 11 years I have been wondering how to see this waterfall.

After getting down that mountain, I was so close. But I was so tired! Just getting down the mountain was extremely tiring, and I still had to climb back up!

From the viewpoint of New York Canyon Falls, it was still a pretty big descent down to the one on West New York Canyon Creek. I really did not think I had the energy for it. I would have settled for just a long distance view of it, but there were far too many trees in the way to see anything on the creek. I had to go down. When would I ever be back here again? Never.

It was actually much easier to get down than I thought it would be. I made the short journey over towards West New York Canyon Creek.

I came to a glorious rocky overlook where I could see up into the canyon. The waterfall on West New York Canyon is stunning! It is a magnificent 217 foot high tiered cascade. To get the full view, I had to get right to the end of the rocky outlook. The drop down from here to the pool at the bottom of the falls is scary huge. Here I am standing on the very edge. It was the only way to see all 217 feet of this beautiful waterfall. Up above me, I could see the very top of New York Canyon Falls. Wow.

This hike will probably be my number one top hike of 2017. I don’t see how I can top this. Indeed, it will make up for every strike out I have or may not have in the future of this year. If I forget that, be sure to remind me.

But it is also the toughest hike of the year, and like I said, probably the toughest I’ve ever done. I still have to hike back up this mountain!

Well, no time like the present. I packed up my gear, my very heavy gear, and started the ascent.

It started raining! It was not supposed to rain until the afternoon. This normally would not bother me, except that I did not bring my rain gear. I did not think I would need it! And on top of this, now those loose rocks are all wet and slippery. This is not good. By the time I got to the top, the rain had finally stopped, but by then I was cold and wet because I was not wearing rain gear.

I actually felt pretty good on the ascent. I made sure I stopped plenty of times, and drank water and ate food. I did not bonk, unlike at Wabena Falls or on my previous hikes in New York Canyon. I credit it to being in better shape, and also eating and resting more as I hiked up the mountain.

When I got back to the car I saw that I had a tick embedded in my leg. Ugh! The first tick bite I had in years. Thankfully I had bought this nifty tick removal device from REI. It came right out. Hopefully it doesn’t get any worse. I just read an article the other day that not only can ticks give you lyme disease, but now they can give you a different disease that is even worse. Lovely.


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  1. Michael Kiyomoto Says:

    Stunning waterfall! Glad you were able to make it back out of that canyon in one piece without passing out, as that hike just seems so incredibly strenuous. Good job!

  2. leapin26 Says:

    Thanks Michael! It was a doozy hike!

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