I have now officially hit my goal weight, down 20 pounds since October. This is officially the lowest weight I have been in 18 years! (since I got married in 1999). Well, I do not know exactly what I weighed back then, but I’m pretty sure it was about the same as I am now. I am also in the best shape I have been in since those days, and my incessantly bad back is healthy too. When you get to the point I am now, exercise is an addiction. You want to exercise, keep going, get even stronger, get in even better shape. I haven’t felt this good in 18 years health-wise. My highest weight was around 230 pounds or so, although it has been quite a few years since I was that high. Now I am 175. I don’t need to lose any more but I need to keep going, cuz I don’t want to gain anything back, and I need to stay in this good shape. You can do it too! It is a lot of hard work, and especially so in the beginning, but keep at it. There will be potholes but it will get better. You will do it.

Anyhow, what about waterfalls this past weekend?

When it is over 100° in the valley, it is hard to get up for hiking. Even in the mountains, it is going to be too hot to hike. Oh yeah, and there are the mosquitoes also. But this year, we have the extraordinary snow pack, and the waterfalls are going to be flowing all year long. I need, I must, I will, get out to hike at least once every week. No matter what the temperature is in the valley. So say we all.

Even if it is just a short hike, I still need to get out and do it, and that is what I wanted to do this week, a short hike to a new waterfall. Thanks to a friend of waterfallswest, I learned about this waterfall at Silver Lake called the Potholes. It looked to be pretty nice, and I have never known about these waterfalls before now, so I wanted to get up there and check it out this weekend.

I checked earlier in the week for the status of the Mormon Emigrant Road and found that it was still closed. Jeepers, it is almost the end of June. This is one of those roads that should be plowed, at very least in the spring (like they do on other roads such as Tioga). Why don’t they?? The road closed meant I would have to go the long way around to Silver Lake. It is not that much longer, but it is definitely a longer drive. I checked one last time on Friday morning, it was still closed. But then, on Friday night just before I went to bed, I got a Facebook notification saying that the road was now open! (you see, Facebook “is” good for something). Praise the Lord! Now I could take the shorter Mormon Emigrant route on Saturday morning. I was not the first to drive the road this year, but I’m pretty sure I was the first to drive it on Saturday morning. (at 4:30AM!)  There was still snow along the side of the road at the far end, but the road was all clear. No damage from the winter. No potholes.

Once at Silver Lake, it is a very short and easy hike down to the Potholes. It is also fun walking along the granite rock. In the summer I guess this is a popular place to take a dip, but right now the river is raging. You won’t be taking a dip here for awhile. I measured the waterfall to be 37 feet high, and it is definitely an impressive one when the water is high like this. I can’t believe I have never been here before. What was I thinking?

But wait, there’s more…


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