New York Canyon Falls N/A

Location: Foresthill, Tahoe National Forest, Placer County
Stream: New York Canyon Creek
Alternate Names:

Lat/Long: n/a

Determination. That is what you need (and a lot of it) if you wish to visit New York Canyon Falls, found in a remote canyon near Foresthill California. We do not recommend this hike (and scramble) for most people. New York Canyon Falls is located in a very remote and (almost) completely inaccessible canyon of the North Fork of the American River. It involves a very long, difficult hike down to the river. Then a mad scramble up New York Creek to reach the waterfall. There are no trails to the waterfall. But for the determined, the rewards are unspeakable. In the spring, New York Canyon Falls is a glorious 462 ft. freefall and cascade, dropping along New York Creek, through a beautiful and rugged and very steep canyon. This waterfall is one of the most spectacular falls in Northern California.

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