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Location: Whittier, Prince William Sound, Kenai Peninsula County
Alternate Names:

Height: ~500 ft.
Access:   boat  
Distance: n/a
Elevation: 500 ft.
Season: May-Oct
Lat/Long:60.65531, -148.71546

Blackstone Falls is a huge waterfall dropping off Blackstone Glacier in Prince William Sound.

To see this waterfall, you need to take a cruise in Prince William Sound from Whittier. There are a number of day cruises from Whittier that take you into Blackstone Bay, where you will see an astounding number of waterfalls. Northland Glacier and Blackstone Glacier are massive glaciers and they both have spectacular waterfalls dropping off them. If you have your own boat, that is the best way to experience these falls, but that is not an option for most people.

There are a large number of these glacier waterfalls in Prince William Sound and the Whittier area. These waterfalls drop off the many glaciers in the area, and have a very short life span in the grand scheme of geological things (once the glaciers are all melted, they will cease to exist). Many of these falls are quite impressive, but it is impossible to document all of them from a cruise ship. I tried to document just the major waterfalls.

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