Diamond Creek Falls N/A

Location: Oakridge, Willamette National Forest, Lane County
Stream: Diamond Creek
Alternate Names:

Lat/Long: n/a

According to the signs, the hike to Diamond Creek Falls is a 2.4 mile loop starting at the Salt Creek Falls picnic area (the waterfall is about halfway through the loop), but it seemed much closer to 3.4 miles to us. It is worth the effort anyway. This is a beauty of a waterfall, pouring down in a fan over a cliff. It reminds us a lot of Limekiln Falls in California. A short spur trail leads to the base of the falls, a perfect place to relax and enjoy the waterfall. There is also a viewpoint from the trail at the top of the falls. Shortly after the waterfall, the trail reaches a junction. Turn left to head back to the picnic area where you started (in about another mile). If you turn right along the Vivian Lake Trail, you will pass three more smaller waterfalls along Falls Creek after another 2 miles of hiking (1 way).

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