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Location: Yellowstone National Park, near Old Faithful, Teton County
Alternate Names:

Height: 197 ft.
Access:   hike   nodog  
Distance: 5.0 miles (RT)
Elevation: 7300 ft. (+100 ft.)
Season: Apr-Sep
Lat/Long:44.52526, -110.86975
Directions:From Old Faithful, drive north on Grand Loop Rd towards Madison for 4.7 miles to the signed turnoff for Fairy Falls (11.6 miles south of Madison).

Fairy Falls in Yellowstone National Park is a very tall waterfall dropping 197 ft. off Madison Plateau on Fairy Creek. The water shoots off the cliff, plunging about one third of the way down until it strikes the rock, then cascading down to the bottom. A pool at the bottom looks inviting, but is likely very cold.

It is a very pleasant, easy hike to the falls, mostly flat the entire distance. The trail traverses behind the Midway Geyser Basin for 1 mile, then cuts up toward the Twin Buttes and Spray Geyser for 1.5 miles. Fairy Falls was my wifes favourite waterfall at Yellowstone, and one of my favourites also. I think it is because this one is a bit off the main roads, away from the huge crowds. And once you arrive, there are plenty of places to sit down and enjoy the falls in peace. We had the falls to ourselves for the most part. On the way back, though, we saw a lot more people on the trail. Early morning is definitely the best time to visit Fairy Falls.

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