Grouse Falls N/A

Location: Foresthill, Tahoe National Forest, Placer County
Stream: Grouse Creek
Alternate Names:

Lat/Long: n/a

The trail to the Grouse Falls overlook is a very pleasant hike through a lovely forest, and is very easy going. In the spring, Grouse Falls is a powerful force dropping 504 ft. off a steep cliff into a deep canyon. Grouse Creek splits around a protruding rock, as it cascades down the cliff. At the bottom, Grouse Creek joins up with the South Branch Grouse Creek (where there is another waterfall), and rushes down stream where it joins up with the North Fork Middle Fork of the American River. The canyons in this area of the Sierra are stunningly beautiful, and difficult to get into as well. At the overlook, you are looking at the huge waterfall from a half-mile away, across a large canyon. Even from this distance, the waterfall is amazingly spectacular. But later in the summer, after all the snow is melted, Grouse Creek is greatly reduced in volume. Spring is definitely the best time to visit Grouse Falls. In a normal year, however, Peavine Road is snowed in until mid-April at the earliest, and it is impossible to make it out to see Grouse Falls until the snow has cleared from the road (unless you want to do a 12 mile hike thru the snow).

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