Halsey Falls N/A

Location: Graeagle, Lakes Basin Recreation Area, Plumas National Forest, Plumas County
Stream: Gray Eagle Creek
Alternate Names: Hawley Falls, Hawlsey Falls

Lat/Long: n/a

Halsey Falls is really just a small cascade, not too exciting. We are also not sure how this waterfall is spelled: Halsey, Hawlsey, or Hawley. Two trail signs spell it the latter two ways (though one sign also spelled the word "trail" as "trial"). So I think we will go with the first spelling (from Browns waterfalls book) until someone tells us its not right. The trail leading to the falls is nice, following Gray Eagle Creek through a forest (though you can never actually see the creek along the trail). The trail continues to Long Lake and Grass Lake, each 1 mile beyond the falls (the trail splits just beyond the waterfall).

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