Hatchet Creek Falls N/A

Location: Montgomery Creek, Shasta County
Stream: Hatchet Creek
Alternate Names:

Lat/Long: n/a

Hatchet Creek Falls is a 46 ft. high two tiered waterfall along Hatchet Creek, south of Cove Rd. It is not to be mistaken for Lion Slide Falls upstream (though Lion Slide Falls is often called by the name Hatchet Creek Falls). There are actually quite a few waterfalls along Hatchet Creek, and though the best one is the easy to reach and popular Lion Slide Falls, there are others of note. Hatchet Creek Falls is one of them and I have been trying to find this waterfall for a couple years now. I did not think it was accessible until I looked for it on Google Earth, which showed me a road leading right to it. So off I went in search of the mysterious Hatchet Creek Falls.

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