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Location: Niagara Falls, Ontario, Niagara County
Alternate Names:

Height: 173 ft. (52.7 m)
Access:   car   wheelchair   dog  
Distance: n/a
Elevation: 500 ft. (152.4 m)
Season: year-round
Lat/Long:43.083, -79.071
Directions:From Buffalo, follow Hwy 290 west towards Niagara Falls. Take the Hwy 62 North exit, and follow Hwy 62 to Niagara Falls. From Toronto, follow the QEW east towards Niagara Falls. Take the Hwy 420 exit to Niagara Falls.

Horseshoe Falls is the jewel of Niagara, the largest of the three waterfalls making up the great Niagara Falls. Horseshoe Falls is 173 ft. (52.7 m) high and 2600 ft. (793 m) wide. About 90 percent of the Niagara River flows over Horseshoe Falls, an incredible 600,000 gallons per second during the daylight hours. Almost all of Horseshoe Falls is located in Canada, about 98 percent.

The best views of Horseshoe Falls are found on the Canadian side of the border, along the Niagara Parkway south of the Rainbow bridge, and at Table Rock. Table Rock is often very wet caused by the amount of mist coming from the falls. On one day we were there, it was like it was raining. You can also get excellent views from up high if you ascend the Skylon Tower. On the American side, you can get to the brink of Horseshoe Falls at Terrapin Pt. on Goat Island. Be sure to check out the falls at night, when they are all lit up in coloured lights.

With all the crowds and glamour at Niagara, one may think it is not possible any more to have a truly peaceful experience at the falls. Well, I was determined to try. I really wanted to experience the falls without people around jostling me, or interrupting me. The answer is to get up at sunrise and be down at the falls before anyone else is up. Even at this early hour, there were still people about, but not too many, and it was very peaceful and enjoyable.

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