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Location: Colville, Colville National Forest, Stevens County
Alternate Names:

Height: ~20 ft.
Access:   hike   dog  
Distance: 0.2 miles (RT)
Elevation: 2700 ft.
Season: Apr-Jul
Lat/Long:48.67911, -117.75911
Directions:In Colville, from Hwy 395 jct, drive east on Hwy 20 for 1.1 miles to Aladdin Rd. Turn left (north) and drive 2.0 miles a junction. Continue right on Aladdin Rd. for another 10.5 miles to unsigned Road 200 on the left. Turn here and park.

Marble Creek Falls is not worth going out of your way to see (and it is certainly out of the way), unless you a serious waterfall collector. The waterfall is only about 20 ft. high, and unfortunately there is no unobstructed views of it.

From the unsigned turnoff, look for an unmarked trail leading up the north side of Marble Creek. It is an unclear trail, and overgrown. After a short distance up this trail, you will see Marble Creek Falls on your left. The cliff is too steep to get down to the falls' base, and the view is mostly obscured. Interestingly, Plumb has a photo of this waterfall from the other side of the creek ("A Waterfall Lovers Guide to the Pacific Northwest"), but we are not sure how he managed that. He must have scrambled up the south side of the creek (instead of the north side), but we do not think there is a trail on that side.

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