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Location: Northport, Stevens County
Stream: Sheep Creek
Alternate Names:

Height: 149 ft.
Access:   hike   dog  
Distance: 0.6 miles (RT)
Elevation: 1650 ft. (-250 ft.)
Season: Mar-Jul
Form:   fan
Lat/Long:48.94942, -117.79536
Directions:From Northport on Hwy 25, drive north from bridge over Columbia River for 2.8 miles. Turn left onto an unmarked road heading down and to the right for 0.2 miles (there may be a no trespassing sign, but it is ok to continue). Turn left across a bridge over Sheep Creek and park along road. Continue following the road down to the left on foot.

Sheep Creek Falls is a very beautiful fan type waterfall along Sheep Creek near the town of Northport. Northport is certainly out in the middle of nowhere Washington, but it is a beautiful place and worth visiting for sure.

Sheep Creek Falls is on private property and there is a powerhouse located here at the waterfall. I have it on good authority, though, that the owner does permit people to come visit the falls. As always, be respectful of the landowners property; we want this place preserved for other people to come visit in the future as well.

As you follow the dirt road down from the bridge over Sheep Creek, you will come to the end of a canal near the top of the waterfall. Turn to the right away from the creek, and look for a singletrack trail winding down the cliff to the bottom of the falls. Although it seems steep, it is not difficult; my 6 year old daughter had no problems going down and back up, but be careful as there may be slippery sections. Once at the bottom, work your way over to the beautiful falls and enjoy.

Although it does not seem all that high, I measured Sheep Creek Falls to be 149 ft. in height with my laser rangefinder. It seemed more like 80 or so to my eye, but we will go with the device as the official measurement. There is also an upper falls on this creek, and although much smaller, it is also a recommended visitation.

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