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Location: Spokane, Riverfront Park, Spokane County
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Height: 35 ft.
Access:   car   dog  
Distance: n/a
Elevation: 1800 ft.
Season: Apr-Jul
Lat/Long:47.66080, -117.42616
Directions:Downtown Spokane, from I-90 jct, drive north on Hwy 395 for 0.5 miles to Spokane Falls Blvd. Turn left and drive 0.7 miles to Riverfront Park.

Spokane Falls roars in the spring, as the Spokane River hurtles through the middle of the city.

The urban setting and dam at the top of the falls greatly decrease the aesthetic appearance of the falls, and later in the summer it is very undramatic when most of the water from the river is diverted by the hydro facility. In the spring, there is plenty of water in the river, although as it is mostly man-made, it is not really a waterfall that I would say is all too spectacular.

When you park your vehicle at Riverside Park, you will be at the Upper Spokane Falls. The (lower) Spokane Falls is a bit down river from here. Find the red brick power building, and follow the driveway beside it down behind the building. There you will find a walkway leading down beside the roaring Spokane Falls to the bottom. You can also see the falls from the other side of the river as well.

I have seen reports that the falls is substantially large, 60 ft. even 100 ft. in height. I used to think it was in the 60 ft. neighborhood myself, however when I measured it, I found it is only 35 ft. high, not as much as I thought, and really not too amazing. This was winter, though, in the spring, it is definitely more impressive.

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