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Location: Yellowstone National Park, near Tower junction, Park County
Alternate Names:

Height: 132 ft.
Access:   hike   nodog  
Distance: 1.0 miles (RT)
Elevation: 6400 ft.
Season: Apr-Sep
Lat/Long:44.89349, -110.38726
Directions:From Tower junction, drive south for 2.3 miles to the signed turnoff for Tower Falls (or 15.7 miles north of Canyon village).

Tower Falls is an exceptional waterfall, so named for the "towers" of stone framing the top of the falls. Tower Creek plunges 132 ft. from the Grand Loop Rd. down into the Yellowstone River.

When we were here, the trail leading from the viewpoint at the top of the falls down to its base was closed. This was a major disappointment because the view from the base is the "only" place to view Tower Falls, and it was such a long drive out to Tower for us, only to find once we arrived that we would not be able to get down to see the waterfall. Worse yet, we have heard unconfirmed rumours that the trail to the base of the falls may be closed "permanently" due to constant rock slide hazards. This would be awful if true. Anyway, if only the park had posted trail closures on their website beforehand (this was not the only trail we found closed), we would not have wasted precious time making the long drive out there. Thus, we have refrained from giving Tower Falls a proper rating until we return and are able to see it in its entirety.

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