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Location: Twin Falls, Snake River Canyon, Twin Falls County
Alternate Names:

Height: 125 ft.
Access:   car   wheelchair   dog  
Distance: n/a
Elevation: 3500 ft.
Season: Mar-Jun
Lat/Long:42.58950, -114.3540
Directions:From Hwy #93, on north end of city, turn east on Falls Avenue for 5 miles. Then turn north at the marked sign to Twin Falls for 1 mile.

The first time we were here in July, Twin Falls was just trickling over a 125 ft. cliff, hardly worth seeing at all. Much of the water in the Snake River here is diverted for irrigation in the summer. But we returned in mid-June 2004, and this time it was roaring. We were surprised and very pleased to see it flowing so well. Just do not come here in the summer.

Twin Falls used to consist of a pair of waterfalls here, which is how the city got its name in the first place. Now however, the second of the pair is stopped flowing (permanently) because of the dam. We must say we found it extremely disappointing to see such a beautiful landmark destroyed. We understand how necessary it is to dam water for irrigation. But theres something not right about destroying the landmark that gave your city its name.

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