Zim Zim Falls N/A

Location: Lake Berryessa, Knoxville Ranch State Wildlife Area, Napa County
Stream: Zim Zim Creek
Alternate Names:

Lat/Long: n/a

As of Dec. 2005, northern California has a brand new waterfall! No, it is not Whiskeytown Falls. It is Zim Zim Falls, a 100+ foot cascade near Lake Berryessa, in Napa County. Ok ok, it is not a 'new' waterfall (of course, neither is Whiskeytown Falls a new waterfall). And no, it is not even a newly discovered waterfall. But it is new in the sense that it now on public land, and the trail is now completely accessible. 12,000 acres were added to the Knoxville Ranch Wildlife Area public lands in Dec., and this includes Zim Zim Falls and the trail accessing it. Upon hearing this awesome news, I was anxious to check it out this spring, and let me tell you, this is one great hike.

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