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Lower section of Eagle Falls (82 ft.)
Location: South Lake Tahoe, Lake Tahoe Basin, El Dorado County
Stream: Eagle Creek
Alternate Names:

Height: 140 ft.
Access:   car   hike   nodog  
Distance: 2.2 miles (RT) (hike)
Elevation: 6600 ft. (-350 ft.)
Season: Apr-Jul
Form:   tiered
Lat/Long:38.95185, -120.11029
Directions:Along Hwy #89, 8.5 miles northwest of Hwy #50 junction, at South Lake Tahoe. Park at the Emerald Bay / Vikingsholm State Park ($5 fee).   Lower Eagle Falls pictures for sale; Click to view gallery

Lower Eagle Falls (140 ft.) is seen from the roadside, at the Emerald Bay / Vikingsholm parking lot area (a half mile drive from the Eagle Falls picnic area). It is of course, a very popular tourist stop. In fact, it is incredibly difficult to get a parking spot here during the day (on weekends), so it is recommended to arrive early in the morning.

The waterfall is an awesome one, particularly in the spring, falling in two large drops. In the summer, once all the snow melts in the mountains, the waterfall reduces to a trickle. Spring is the time to visit for sure. The upper section of Eagle Falls is 58 ft. and the bottom is 82 ft. high. There are two ways to get to the base of Eagle Falls. A maintained trail leads from the parking lot at Emerald Bay State Park down to the lake. It is a fairly easy 1 mile hike down to the lakeside. Dogs are not allowed on this trail, unfortunately, as it is a state park. The second way to get down is to climb down the rocks from the roadside at the brink of the falls. This way is more difficult, but quicker and provides more views of the falls from up close. But please be careful, people have died here going over the falls.

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